WE CAME AS STRANGERS (Music: Hohner. Lyrics: Galleon)

We came as strangers to you Cologne,
You took us in your arms and made us feel your own,
The love we feel for you will never ever end,
We came as strangers but now we're friends.

We crossed the seven seas with our music and our songs,
Proud of our country and our name,
And then we found her, lovely lady called Cologne
Since then nothing's ever been the same,
A great love for her beats always deep within our hearts,
What sadness whenever we must part.

Your daughters and your sons, your music and your songs,
Have filled our Irish hearts with joy,
Cathedral standing tall, the glory of it all,
And your carnival makes an old man like a boy,
Hey! Cologne it's just like Heaven when we're with you here
Lovely river, ming stadt, minsche wie mir.