When Summer time has gone and Autumn winds are threatening,
To blow our love away, its then love will be tested,
Arm in arm we atand, side by side together,
To fight the common foe that would tear our love asunder.

Toor a loor a lie, toor a loor a laddy,
Toor a loor a lie, toor a loor a lay.

All you fair weather friends where are you now I need you,
Gone like the Autumn sun on dark December mornings,
When hard times come around like cold and stormy weather,
There's only you and I my love to shelter one another.

Now there's a time to fight, there's a time for healing,
As the sun will melt the snow on clear bright April mornings,
Our fight has run its course so let us start the healing,
Let us both embrace sweet reconciliation.