(K.Kristofferson - Galleon)

I'm only human, I want a woman,
You must believe that I need relief,
It's nice now and then,
I don't want a beauty, who'll tease me all night,
Just a decent old skin who's willing to sin,
Will do me alright.

And i'm still a virgin, Lord Jesus,
O' it's an awful disease,
Just give me one chance in a sexy romance,
I'm down on my knees.
Some folks are so lucky,
'Cause they've got birds in a line,
But in me there's no greed,
For all that I need,
Is one girl at a time.

Last night at the disco, I met with Michelle,
When I filled her with wine, I thought I was flying,
The truth I must tell,
I spent all my money 'cause I thought it might pay,
But when I went for a slash, a fat guy with cash,
Took my woman away.

I went off to Nashville to see the big country stars,
With their big cowboy hats, blue jeans and cravats,
And their shining guitars,
I saw Dolly Parton singing of her love for her man,
But when my eyes came to rest on her big heaving chest,
It near' drove me insane.

I've lived with this problem since the day I was born,
O' what a sight, it's there day and night,
But it's worst in the morn',
Pounding and throbbing 'til I break out in sweat,
But the more that I think my problem might shrink,
O' the bigger it gets