Take this man
(Andy Dunne - ERPI Music)

If all we need is time and space,
Then take a look at this man's face,
You'll find the end to all your fears,
It's written here between the years.

Then put these thoughts, upon the shelf,
And bit by bit, just help yourself,
I'll gladly be your stepping stone,
So take it all and go.

Take the colour from my eyes,
Take the freedom I was born with,
Take the anger and the hate,
Take as much as you can stand,
And when all your dreams are gone,
Take mine to keep you going,
Take my breaking, beating heart,
Take this man.

What a fool I've been, to crave perfection
And so I'll carry on, I'll carry on in vain,
If all you need, is mine to give you,
Then take it all, take the pain.