We the people
(Steve Romanoff - Outer green Music)

We the people hand in hand, we the people understand,
That there's an answer, there's a way, we the people have to say,
So send the order too prepare, that we the people do declare,
Send the good news, send the word,
We're the people we'll be heard,
We the people everywhere.

There's a message in the air and it's moving 'cross the land,
If you listen you can hear it well my friend,
You know the time has come to take our heads out of the sand,
If we don't the chance might never come again.
The future is the reason not in building ways of war,
And the time has come for reason to be heard,
The purpose of the people's what this declaration for,
And it's why our Fathers told us word for word.

We won't accept excuses; we won't accept the lies,
Of those who lead our nations into hell,
It's time to call their bluff, to say to them enough's enough,
It's time we heard the tolling of the bell.
It's time to feed the hungry; it's time to heel the pain,
It's time to turn our weapons into ploughs,
It's time to hear the voices that have risen once again,
It's the wisdom of the people clear and loud,
Singing proud.