I see the lights across the bay,
I see the lights not far away,
And I hear music all around,
I'm getting close to Portland Town,
So Mother won't you make my bed,
I see the lights of Portland Head,
I see the lights I'm coming round,
I'm coming home to Portland Town.

Some years ago out on my own,
I set a course for parts unknown,
Leaving behind old friends and foe,
Needing to find what I've come to know,
I watch the islands fade away,
And bid farewell to Gascon Bay,
Though it's been years and years since then,
My heart has brought me home again.

Of all the places I did go,
She's still the fairest port I know,
She works the sea and tills the farms,
And holds her children in her arms,
No place could hold a prouder past,
Here comes that future full at last,
Here comes that beacon 'cross the sky,
And I hold my head up high.