NO TIME FOR LOVE (Jack Warshaw)

1. They call it the law we call it apartheid, internment, conscription, partition and silence,
It's the law that they make to keep you and me where they think we belong,
They hide behind steel and bullet proof glass, machine guns and spies,
And tell us who suffer the tear gas and torture - we're in the wrong,

No time for love if they come in the morning,
No time to show fear or for tears in the morning,
No time for goodbye and no time to ask why,
And the sound of the sirens, the cry of the morning.

2. They came for Niemoller, Connolly and San Suu Kyi in their time,
They came for Nelson Mandela, Biko and some of their friends,
In Burma and Syria, Palestine, China and parts of Belfast,
And places that never make headlines, the list never ends.

3. The Trade Union leaders, the writers, the fighters, protesters, rebels and all,
And the women who fought with the scabs at the factory gate.
The Sons and the Daughters of unnumbered heroes who paid with their lives,
And people whose class or creed or belief is their only mistake.

4. The Bobbies in blue are only a few of the everyday cops on the beat,
The C.I.D. branch men, informers and spies do their job well,
Behind them the men who tap phones, take pictures and programme computers and files,
And the ones who tell them when to come and take you to your cell.

5. They suffered the torture they rotted in cells, went crazy, wrote letters and died,
The limits of pain they endured loneliness got them instead,
And the Courts gave them justice as justice is given by well-mannered thugs,
Sometimes they fought for the will to survive, more time they just wished they were dead.

6. So come all you people and give to your Sisters and Brothers the will to fight on,
They say you can get used to a war that doesn't mean that the war isn't on,
The fish need the sea to survive just like your comrades need you,
And the death squad can only get through to them if first they can get through to you.