You may talk about Atlantis, how it's lost beneath the sea,
The grave of the Unknown Soldier, the cry of the old Banshee,
Who was the man in the iron mask, t'was Jack the Ripper set free,
Ah! But ask them all "where's Donegal" it still a mystery.

And if I could I'd build a wall around old Donegal,
The north and south I'd keep them out, by God I'd build it tall,
Casinos, chicken ranches, I'd legalise them all,
We'd have our own Las Vegas in the hills of Donegal,
Yeah! Las Vegas in the hills of Donegal.

Late night clubs, all night pubs, black jack and roulette,
Mel Gibson, Bridgette Nielsen, Mike Tyson having a bet,
Inishowen would then be known for its multi-millionaires,
Where Donald Trump would have a chunk and live in solitaire.

To stand on top of Errigal, would give me such a thrill,
To hear them say in Dublin "there's gold in them there hills"
Don't despair if you're there the answer lies with me,
There's a wall that's steep, it's going cheap somewhere in Germany.