Well I meant to call you just before I left to go away,
But I guess you knew that's what I'd say by now,
Then again I'm never sure when it's the proper time of day,
Since we never get together anyhow,

But it was really nice to watch the candle,
Through a glass of wine,
Dreaming dreams together,
When the quiet life was yours and mine,
Just a pair of fools wrapped up in soft light,
Dancing from the fire,
Till the morning light whispered in the sky.

I keep thinking that I saw you in the park the other day,
When I have the time I go back where we met,
When I'm on the road I see you in a crowd or by the way,
It's going to take some time before I can forget.

There's a party for some friends,
We both knew when I'm back in town,
Do you think we'll get together for a while,
We were never meant to happen but it doesn't mean to say,
We can't share a glass, and go back where we smiled