Where Does The Love Go

She sits alone with her thoughts and her memories,
Reliving the life that they shared for so long,
Now he's far away and she still wonders,
How it could be that it all went so wrong,
They planned for the future their whole life together,
Two children, a dog and a house by the sea,
Slowly things changed and the course that they charted,
Took two different routes moving separately.

Tell me where, o where does the love go,
Tell me where, o where does the love go,
Where does it go.

He soon became tired of his humdrum existence,
He longed for the bright lights, the crack and the noise,
No longer for him the quite life of the home bird,
So he went back to being one of the boys,
Now he sees life through the end of a bottle,
He lives all alone without scarcely a friend,
The good life he had is now gone and forgotten,
His bright new tomorrow's become a sad end.

Once they were lovers now they're not even friends,
Strange how the course of true love twists and bends,
In what seems like an instant the passion has gone,
And only the painful, cold memories live on,
Once they were lovers now they don't talk at all,
Feelings are hidden behind a great wall,
That conceals all the pain and the tears locked inside,
Tears full of lost love that long since has died.