THE DUBLINERS - A TRIBUTE (Song) (Declan Lynch/Galleon)

There's a stillness over Monto and Dublin hangs its head,
Anna Liffey is a swell of tears, the Dubliners are dead,
Those bearded giants of music, the best there's ever been,
Tonight there'll be some rare seissun in the pubs of Fiddler's Green.

The rare old times are over, their likes we'll never see,
And another part of Dublin is but a memory.

Hear that mandolin and banjo, whistles, guitars in a line,
Those curly, bearded smiling heads, feet tapping all in time,
Voices singing songs of Ireland, you could hear the rafters roar,
They were the very making of tradition and folklore.

So build a monument to them in the midst of Dublin town,
Where folks could stop and share a thought with the jewel in Ireland's crown,
The show may now be over but the whole world knows their name,
For the legacy they left behind has lit a global flame.