Aidan lately you've been running much too fast for me,
Each day's but a moment,
Enjoy the wonders that you see,
For the knowledge brings great understanding,
The answers are still far from clear,
Your time is still ahead so be a child instead,
And wait in time you'll see.

My childhood's gone, my sands have run,
Your hunger burns to grow and learn,
Don't learn too fast, make childhood last,
Come play the part of a younger heart.

If you want things ask the grown - ups,
They'll refuse you and you won't know why,
But believe me we know better,
Well at least we like to think so sometimes,
So you dream of things like ice cream mountains,
Snow White kissed you and you went to sleep,
But believe me 'cause I know,
This wonderous time will go,
And fade from memory.